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Prescription drug abuse rising in Indiana

September 06, 2012 

Concerns Rising Over Indiana's Prescription Drug Abuse Problem

WTHR-TV Indianapolis (9/6/12, Jefferson) reports, "More people are abusing prescription drugs in Indiana than the national average." The growing problem has many people worried. "It's gotten worse," said IU Health Dr. Eric Wright who studies prescription abuse. Parents are especially concerned about kids abusing the drugs and Wright says that among 18-25 year olds in Indiana there has been an "alarming" increase in prescription drug abuse. "They seem to be getting it by stealing it from their parents' and grandparents' medicine cabinets, so treat it like a poisonous substance and lock it up," Wright said. The article adds, "The top abused prescription drugs are Hydrocodone, Tramadol, Oxycodone, methadone, morphine and codeine," and in 2010 the number of prescriptions written in Indiana reached almost twice the population of Indiana itself.