Midtown Community Health EMR Analysis 

The Center for Health Policy and Midtown Community Mental Health Center have partnered to evaluate community mental health programs . The research team, comprised of staff members from both centers, will analyze the outcomes of key Midtown programs in an attempt to better understand the demographic and clinical characteristics of the population served, which will help to identify additional needs for new service lines. Four specific analyses are planned. First, the effectiveness of Action Coalition to Ensure Stability (ACES) will be compared to other service models for meeting the needs of homeless patients. The second program comparison will involve comparing the effectiveness of certified Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams with other team-based forms of case management currently available at Midtown. In addition, we also plan to examine the clinical effectiveness of commitment orders and estimate the size of and describe the patient population at Midtown that might be appropriate candidates for electroconvulsive therapy. This study will assist Midtown in prescribing treatment plans for its patients and also has the potential to affect the use of mental health programs statewide.


Center for Health Policy

Wright, Eric
Manning, Ryan